What part of the “Not my time” concept do Christian not understand about the starting of the Messiah’s Ministry! Jesus said “No” to His mother’s request that would have gotten Him His 15 minutes of fame and at the same time pleased His mother instead of God. Only His Heavenly Father knows when Jesus is to start and complete His “Good News Gospel” Ministry and message. In other words, no demon, angel or human being knows when The Messiah is to start His ministry. If Jesus is 30 when Mary asks Him to do her a favor and Jesus says that His time has not come to do a miracle; then you can know for sure that the other 29 years and 9 months of His human existence are also to be silent and uneventful in the life of Jesus.

Jesus never did any miracles when He was a newborn baby, child, teenager or young adult because that would have attracted the attention of Satan, demons and evil men and women who would want to do Him harm. Neither Joseph, Mary, his brothers, sisters, their extended family members, friends, Synagogue leaders, political leaders or strangers ever worshipped or prayed to Jesus in the first 29 years of His life. Jesus and the Apostles their whole lives are like a “Sleeper cell” terrorist group that only is activated when their “Mission” is to start.

Our Creator God is the only actor on the stage in the Heavenly Theater play that is acting out the drama of human Redemption and Salvation of us all. God is a jealous God and He doesn’t share His stage with any demons, angels or humans. Satan and humans like to pretend their actions contribute to our redemption story. That is why after a few hundred years after all the Apostles, their children and grandchildren are all dead; then the pagans who are coming to Christ for salvation have blended some of their pagan and Christian beliefs. We know that this happened because the Apostle Paul said that “After his death that grievous wolves would come in and not spare the flock”.

All pagans that had studied Greek Mythology and their pagan religions believe that any “God” who could become a human man would have to be born of a virgin because all males who get a female pregnant “All” produce a sinful child or children. One article I read said that Christianity would have “Died out” a few hundred years after the death of all those Christians who walked the earth with Jesus. If there was no virgin birth presented in the Gospel Story (nativity scene) the pagans would reject Christianity because The Christ would inherit a “Sinful nature” if Joseph was His father (so they think). People ignore that fact that Mary had a sin nature, for she called Jesus her Savior, only sinners need a Savior. The only way to keep Jesus sinless would be for Jesus to come into this world full grown like Adam and Eve or born of a virgin (no sin transmitted that way, so the pagans thought).

As I have said elsewhere, Jesus cannot be touched by sin, simply because God didn’t put a “Human”, “Created” spirit in the body of Jesus; God put His own Spirit in the body of Jesus (therefore Joseph and Mary gave Jesus His flesh, bone and blood body, human “Like us”, thank goodness); and God’s own spirit that indwells Jesus can’t be touched by sin. In the same way that a Christian will say that their body is the temple of God’s Holy Spirit; and no Christian can corrupt the Spirit of God that indwells them.

Also, at the same time that the Christians are embracing a virgin birthed Messiah, the Jews are not reciprocating, but now are rejecting The Christian Messiah after the carnal Christians start teaching that the Jews need to believe in a virgin birthed Messiah; because for the last 2,000 years, the Jews have only been looking for a Messiah that is a blood relative of King David (The Davidic Covenant). Joseph and Mary are “Both” related to King David. For no Christian should worship a counterfeit Messiah that excludes Jesus from being related to Joseph and King David on Joseph’s side of the family.

If only the Christians had a loving, all-knowing and practical God who would keep all these humans from stealing or sharing God’s Glory on the stage of Redemption, while the “Son of man” is on center stage and in the spotlight. Isn’t it strange that God is able to get a virgin pregnant but He is unable to protect Jesus and His family where they were (pagan thought)? They have to leave the country. Joseph, Mary, wise men, Sheppard’s, and the Roman soldiers all seem to enjoy having the spotlight on them; and Satan congratulates all of them at the end of their performance and Satan encourages them to take a second bow before all the demons, angels and humans who are in the audience (so as to direct human thoughts away from our Creator God Emmanuel, God with us).

If Rachael is a loving mom to her 5 sons she will not want to offer up her children on the altar of what is expedient to make Rachael, Joseph, Mary and others famous and important to billions of Christians these last 2,000 years, for no created being (demon, angel or human has anything to do with our salvation). Mary didn’t create Jesus in her womb and Mary’s morality didn’t keep or make Jesus sinless. Jesus was sinless because there was no “Created” “Human” spirit in Jesus (so Jesus could stay perfect because God’s Son will never yield to temptation even with Joseph as His human father. God mainly chose Joseph and Mary to be the parents to Jesus because they had the same kind of faith that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and King David had; their self-righteous wasn’t worthy of consideration!

Could it be that Rachael was a 1st Century media whore in the 1st Century and this is her last desperate attempt to make sinful humans think they have a part in the Redemption of mankind? Rachael’s 5 sons are the same age as Jesus. If God had of waited until Jesus starts His Ministry Rachael’s 5 sons might have eaten dinner with the 5,000 other hungry people and might have trusted in Jesus as their Messiah, but evidently, 5 babies are dead because God doesn’t care if innocent people die when the truth about Jesus is released. This truth revealed prematurely has turned the knowledge and blessings of God’s Son into a curse to the very humans that God wants to save.

God didn’t need to inform Mary, Joseph, the angels or any other human on the planet when and how God would redeem mankind. In the same way, a 5 Star General doesn’t let the Private run his “War games” There is no human or angel involvement in accomplishing God’s plan of Salvation. God creates the miracle of childbirth or spiritual birth and humans do not get any credit for the miracle of conception, growth, and birth of a child or being born-again. The angel said “you will have a child” means that Mary didn’t even have a choice, and she is a victim of God raping her. God the Father is the classic dead-beat dad. God gets Mary pregnant, and leaves town without paying child support and gets the step-father to raise God’s Son. If there was a virgin birth, Joseph and Mary can never tell anyone, for if Joseph says that he is not the father of Jesus then everyone who knows Mary will condemn her or laugh at her and consider her an adulteress. If God loves Mary, then why wouldn’t God just let Mary think that Joseph is the father of Jesus if the virgin birth is true? God doesn’t need Mary’s consent, approval or help in redeeming mankind. And no angel or human causes adds to or completes God Redemptive plan of Salvation for only God can save us.

The Christian God is guilty of reckless endangerment of His own Son and God putting Joseph, Mary and other humans and angels on the same pedestal of importance where the Son of God is standing; would be like putting Satan, demons, and a pig on the same pedestal with the Son of God. God reveals who Jesus is when Jesus and His Apostles do all those miracles. God’s Deity (not the human flesh of Jesus) is confirmed by the miracles Jesus and the Apostles did. The family of Jesus didn’t believe Jesus was the Messiah until after His Resurrection. They said He is a lunatic, and out of His mind (saying, “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father”).

The Protestant Reformation is proof that Christianity was changed; otherwise, there would not have been anything to REFORM, if the traditions of men and doctrines of demons hadn’t added error to what Jesus and the Apostles taught.

Also, the fact that Christians have a Protestant and Catholic Bible is proof that there are 10’s of thousands of word that one translation either adds to or deletes from God’s Word. 1st Century Christian writings all had the same word content and message (no Catholic or Protestant denominational dogma.

Christians are very naive when they think our Christians forefathers could perfectly discern between the Truth of God and the doctrines of Men. In the 21 Century, there are 100’s of Christian denominations in the U.S. of A. and every Christian says their Bible and church doctrines are Biblically correct and perfect. I can’t prove that the original New Testament was without error (in this totally fallen corrupt world). But our “Perfect” Christian Bible is sure causing a lot of confusion, division, strife, legalism, and emotional pain. Nothing is perfect in a fallen universe, but God “Our Messiah: made flesh!!!