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I really enjoy expressing my thoughts for you to read on electronic paper.

The Blog

I would starve as a writer. Thankfully I have another means of financial support. Even though I am not paid to express my viewpoints on any subject, I really enjoy expressing my thoughts for you to read on electronic paper.

Human sexuality, telling the truth FOR DUMMIES


Human sexuality, telling the truth FOR DUMMIES

Throughout human history, celibacy by religionist people of faith accomplishes 2 major goals for their organizations (1) to save these institutions billions of dollars in salaries – over time. For a married priest with a wife and...

The real Jewish Messiah



There are three changes in Christian Theology: (1) texts are added (2) deleted or (3) mistranslated & interpreted Bible verses; leading to pagan views and Greek mythology being woven into the tapestry of Christianity.  A special thanks to Carrie at website for letting me know about the 3rd reality.


God’s Love for Humanity

God’s Love for Humanity  ESSAY

Individual Muslims, Jews, and Christians have an innate desire to proclaim that the Creator God loves them and their group “More” than He loves others. From my Christian viewpoint, I would say that God loves “Everyone” equally. In my Bible, I am told that God...

Only God is Good

After someone called Jesus "Good" master, He responded by saying, only God is good.

In the English language, you have a choice of comparisons of good, better, and best. These are relative terms that can only apply in or to the created...

God’s Nature

Are the Christian and Jewish God masculine and feminine in nature?

In Genesis 1:26 I have always heard that “Let us” make man in our image, after our likeness is referring to God and Jesus; but I no longer believe that doctrine. The “US” is plural, so God being masculine...

Analogies Of the Lord’s Suppe

Analogies Of the Lord's Supper  

During the Lord's Supper, we remember several truths of what Jesus Christ did 2000 years ago. The crucifixion, indwelling of the believer, and the goodness of God are all presented in the...

The Messiah

Is your Messiah a real or counterfeit Messiah?

My Messiah is the same Messiah that is related to King David (of the Davidic Covenant); and the Messiah who walked with and taught the Apostles of Yeshua The Christ. My Messiah is 100 % human and 100 % God; whereas most...

Spiritual & physical salvation

Analytical assessment of our spiritual versus physical salvation ESSAY

Our Creator Emmanuel (God with us) is responsible for our spiritual salvation. And all humans (in most cases) are responsible for their own physical salvation. The Christian Bible says, “My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,...

Physical Salvation of Mankind

There are two types of salvation in our human existence, spiritual and physical but only the spiritual salvation gets any recognition. It is true that Emmanuel (God with us) lived and died about 2000 years ago and purchased our Spiritual salvation. But everyone needs to be reminded that it is...

The Evolution of Christianity

The Evolution of Christianity

I am a Christian but my views have changed over the years, for I no longer believe “Everything” I hear from religious leaders or read in the various Christian Bibles. Join any religion and all individuals will feel their Jewish, Islam or...

Christian Gods?

Almost all of humanity believes in either one, a few, or many gods, with very few people being atheist. There is the Hebrew word Emmanuel that is translated "God with us". Which agrees with the verse "Hear, O Israel; the LORD our God is one LORD". There is ONE God...


This essay is written from a logic perspective. From a secular or religious viewpoint, I don’t care if someone embraces a Deist, Theist or atheist worldview; we should all agree that there is no need or reason for humans to be in a place called hell. Plus, I think it...

The Tribulation

Recently I became aware that the falling away (apostasy of the church), the great tribulation and the anti-Christ being revealed all began and happened in the past.

I have two major presuppositions about life: Satan tries to hide the truth from us, and if he can't, then he wants us...

Confess and repent?

Confess and repent?

God DOESN’T FORCE our sin nature to confess and repent

The bottom line concept upfront is:

Only God is responsible for saving us and giving us eternal life “Spiritual salvation” (no human actions of good thoughts or works is required or needed). Unless someone thinks they are...

Names of God and our salvation

Names of God and our salvation

God provides our sacrifice with no human intervention for human intervention is only profitable for experiencing the abundant life on earth, which is human accountability to God, self, and others and has nothing to do with me or another being or getting saved. Jesus...

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